Talent Concept

Staff is the wealth of an enterprise. It is our staff’s intelligence that contributes to the success of Gemdale.
We are committed to building Gemdale into an organization that fulfills the needs of its staff, provides good opportunities for staff’s growth and values staff’s contributions. To respect talents, to develop talents and to help talents succeed in a scientific way are Gemdale’s commitments to its “human-oriented” concept. It is also the cornerstone of Gemdale’s success.

Training System

  • Leader management
    Class of position: 1-9
    Leadership program

    Cultivate leaders to lead group and business development

  • Elite tier
    Class of position: 9-11
    Pioneer program

    Cultivate as the integrated management leader and the cornerstone of business development.

  • Catching-up tier
    Class of position: 12-16
    Catching-up cultivation

    Cultivate as the integrated junior management and the cornerstone of business development.

  • Newcomer tier
    Class of position: 17-19
    Newcomer cultivation

    Cultivate experts in business work

  • Other
    Class of position: 20-23
    Golden Eagle Program

    Cultivate undergraduates as professional backbones and management reserve.

Golden Eagle Program

Since 2003, Gemdale has operated the “Golden Eagle Program” for the recruitment and training of fresh graduates for 15 sessions. The Golden Eagle Training Program covers a total of seven racing points in a three-year training cycle. Each racing point has clear growth points and growth assessment rules, so that these ambitious young talents can grow faster, realize their ideals and ambitions in the career development, and become the man of tremendous promise of Gemdale and Chinese enterprises.

Voyage Program

The MBA Voyage Program is a training program tailored by the Gemdale Group and Sun Yat-Sen University for the key employees, aiming to improve the professional management ability and general management ability of the employees, and to create more valuable management experts for Gemdale and the society. The voyage course is set referring to the MBA course of Sun Yat-Sen University, taught by senior professors of Sun Yat-Sen University. Each period of training lasts for two and a half years. By the end of 2018, the four periods of training class have trained a total of 200 management cadres for Gemdale.

Gemdale Culture

Be Devoted And Be Sincere

Devotion comes from our passion for our cause. We will work wholeheartedly to challenge ourselves and realize a leap from good to great.

Sincerity represents honest personality and winning trust with integrity. We will follow the spirit of seeking truth and work diligently to achieve what we have promised.

Be Brave And Be a Dreamer

Forging ahead represents the positive attitude for life and cause; while making achievements requires the resolution and valor to achieve a goal. To advance and make greater achievements, we should start from knowing the actual conditions, have the courage to break the routines and be ready to accept new things, so that we can keep pace with the times and make greater achievements one after another.

Cherishing a dream forever is the power for pursuing excellence and realizing a leap from good to great. It stands for the persistent pursuit of a dream and a commitment made by staff of Gemdale to themselves and to the future. A great dream calls for a long voyage; a great dream is a guide to action. We will cherish a dream forever and achieve greater success in the future!